Magic Gel System at theCNTC in London, Ontario

Nail art trade shows can be fun!

Magic Gel System participated in the trade show held by Canadian Nail Tech Connection

London, Ontario, November 13, 2016: A trade show event hosted by Canadian Nail Tech Connection (theCNTC) in Ontario was a major success. It was a gathering dedicated to the nail art industry in which technicians from all over the North America took part. Magic Gel System was also one of the participants.

One of the many highlights of the event was the launch of a new collection by Magic Gel System called ‘Suede Coat’ with gel paint colors that are perfect for winter gel nail designs. The experts from the Magic Gel Systems also performed demos of nail sculpting, salon nail art, and gel nail designs.

The company was proud to announce the release of nail art video tutorials that are available at for everyone who uses Magic Gel System.

Commenting on the success of the event and the launch of their new collection, the chief educator of Magic Gel System, Liliya Saxon said that, “I really want to thank everyone who worked hard to organize the event, all vendors who put so much effort into making the show happen and all the nail technicians who were able to find time and come to the event. Hope everyone had fun and enjoyed this amazing event filled with pure creativity!”

Magic Gel System also wants to extend a special thanks to the event organizer, Dayna Knight, for giving everyone the opportunity to meet leading nail technicians, share ideas, and discuss new trends in the nail art industry.

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