Fall Sophistication Design Kit

New Colours!

Amaze your clients with stunning fall designs!

Fall Sophistication Design Kit includes gorgeous fall colours and 2 full HD Video Tutorials!

Get Your Own Kit

Impress your clients with hot new colours!

Each kit includes:

4 One Coat Coverage Cream Gel Paints
3 One Coat Coverage Shimmer Gel Paints
2 HD Video Tutorials

Only $159.29 $119.82 per full design kit!

Limited quantity available.

Designs per Kit
Your Profit

Enough for 100 Designs!

One Coat Coverage Gel Paints are so pigmented that you use the minimal amount of gel. The kit contains enough gels for 100 designs, depending on the nail length! Even if you offer stunning designs at $15 extra, that is additional $1,500 for you in income! $1,500 you can use towards a vacation, advertising your business or even more amazing gels!

Get FREE Cap!

Free Cap

Everyone who gets their own Fall Sophistication designs kit on Thursday September 7 will get a FREE Magic Cap automatically! Hurry up, offer lasts for one day only!


Video Tutorials

The Design Kit comes with 2 detailed HD Video tutorials to make sure you can offer new stunning designs to your clients right away!

Detailed Tutorials

The tutorials will guide you through a lot of techniques, including proper coverage, marbling, flower painting, textured look and more.

After watching and practicing them, you will learn tips and tricks that will make your work faster and easier!


Nail Techs Love Magic Gel

Adriana Ruiz

Studio Director at Serenity Skin Care Studio Inc

Diamond Fiber is a blessing product to seasoned nails techs but also gift from God for new nail techs. The product does not heat up or cause exothermic reaction, making it comfortable for clients during their service. The product offers superior strength with self-leveling properties that allows a nail tech to cut down in filing time.

Tatiana Kulnevska

Owner at Glam Nail Works

Magic Gel paints from “one stroke” category are my favourite ones. Super pigmented, soft in application, some (like #62 and #64) need only one coat of colour! Not only this saves my time and product, but gives me thinner, natural looking nails. These are called “paints” for a reason – you can actually paint with them, they won’t run. Anything: fruits, palm trees, martini glasses, animals, faces, whatever makes my clients happy. Highly highly recommend them!


Quality with Every Stroke™

Our Impossible To Beat Guarantee

We are so sure you’ll love Magic Gels we’ll give you back every penny if you don’t. This guarantee covers 100% of unopened products, defective products and opened Starter Kits. Opened and lightly used gels have a 100% Money Back Guarantee in store credit.

Magic Gel System

Trusted by Nail Experts™

Magic Gels adhere to highest standards and have been recognized internationally.

They are made in Europe and comply according to ISO 22716 certification, are hypoallergenic and are not tested on animals.

You do not have to relearn how to use Magic Gel System if you have been using gel systems before. In fact, it will make your job even easier.

To make sure you are getting the most out of the amazing qualities of Magic Gels (i.e. softness, CustomColour™, self levelling, DeepPigment™ features) please watch our educational videos.

Gels Paints are combined into collections making sure they work well together. All gels within one collection will look good with each other in a design, they have similar textures and compliment each other.

Next time you are trying to hand pick Gel Paints that will look good together in a design, just grab a preferred collection and all gels will look good together, guaranteed.

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